Friday, January 29, 2010

weekend makeup item

I hope your Friday is starting off fabulously!  This morning I was thinking about one weekend makeup item I think carries the most punch.  My first item would be clear lip gloss.  If I got to choose a second, it would be mascara.  Which brings me to a quick makeup review.  I've been using N.Y.C. liquid lip shine (Clear & Shiny) in several shoots lately and really like it.  I've even worn it myself.  Pros:  It doesn't have any shimmer just pure shine, a very light vanilla smell, can be worn beautifully by itself and goes perfectly over lipstick.  Cons:  a little sticky but transferring with a kiss not so bad because it's clear (guys look good with a little shine too).  Longlasting? No. For me the pros outweigh the cons and at only $1.99 reapplying isn't a problem.  Wishing you a bright and shiny weekend! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haircut: Shoulder length

This cut is overwhelmingly popular right now.  It seems like more and more celebrities are sporting this look everyday.  I think many of them are getting tired of the hair extensions.  Others are growing out their shorter bobs.  The length is ideal on almost everybody and can be adapted to suite your face structure.  You can get the length to sit right above, on, or right below the collar bone.  A trend that is sure to win many hearts.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm in love with everything about this picture. The whole look is simply stunning.  Her porcelain skin combined with the black dress and hair piece, the mustard yellow bag in just the right color and proportions, the flawless makeup, the shoes;  I'm sold.

Monroe and West Monroe reviewed!

Going way off topic today but I saw this article in Design*Sponge (one of my daily reads).  They actually did a city guide for Monroe and West Monroe!  All I could think at the time was, "really?, really?".  It was a very interesting choice and I'm honestly perplexed.  I love the South but Monroe/West Monroe are not cities you would normally write about.  I do think it's nice treat for all my readers living in that area.  So check out the city guide, you may find some surprising treasures and places you already love.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

pictures from the mansion

I had a great time doing the makeup and hair for this photo shoot yesterday.  KIM+PHIL decided to mix things up a bit and did the photo shoot in the home of the model, Julie.  I love all the different textures in the background and how they're shown on camera.  On the eyes, I tried some different and bolder techniques.  Would you believe that in the few minutes we decided to go outside that's the only time it rained all day?!  Kind of funny.  After the shoot we ate dim sum for a late lunch, Phil's treat :D  It was so delicious.    

Monday, January 25, 2010

Newest Pictures

These are the latest pictures from KIM+PHIL! Again I did the model's (Emilie) hair and makeup.  Love how the end pictures turned out!  I always learn something new and a technique to work on with each model.  It's a creative and precise process.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  Have a wonderful Monday.  I'm off to another shoot this morning with Kim and Phil at a mansion!

Friday, January 22, 2010


My mind is on weddings today.  I have such great memories from ours.  Marriage is a magical creation.  My taste in wedding dresses are outside the classics.  If we ever renewed our vowels, I'd wear something like this.  It would also be a nice dress if you wanted to change between a tradition dress at the ceremony and a modern dress for the reception.  The designer of this dress also happens to live in Portland.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alpha female

Boyish short black hair is a very interesting 2010 trend.  Would you ever be daring enough to get your hair cut in this style and leave it up to subtle details to confirm your femininity?  Not me, I'm afraid.  Although, it does have a certain charm about it.  I'll be keeping an eye on the streets here in Portland to see if it hits here.  If you see someone wearing a version on this cut, take a picture and I'll post it!        

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On my way to this shoot yesterday with KIM+PHIL, I noticed that the right blinker was acting funky.  To my surprise, when I got out of the truck and walked around the back, the entire back right light was missing.  Someone had stolen it in the night!  I guess all they needed was a back right light for a Ford Ranger.  Later in the day, I had another shoot downtown to go to and ended up with a $34 parking ticket!  What a day!

Kim and Phil have a studio set up in their home.  It's a wonderful idea, especially if you prefer shooting outdoors.  This still allows natural light and you're not paying extra to rent a space during the rainy season.  They're an easy couple to work with and their style fits perfectly in Portland.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Braid Trend

Braids have been hot for about the last three years.  So what makes this braid trend different?  This braid trend is worn off to the side and is often a "fish" braid.  The rest of the hair is very loose and appears like it was effortless to pull off.  It's an ageless style; try it and see if it works for you.  

(images via

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Spy

For all of you who have lived in, traveled to, or are just interested in Asia this photo is for you. Here is a stylish Japanese couple.  Can you spy the overwhelming similarities between this boyfriend/girlfriend and a couple in China and South Korea?

I Spy:
1) Boyfriend holding girlfriends' purse
2) Girl with bleached white face
3) Girl in mini skirt and high heels
4) Boy in suit and shiny dress shoes
5) Man in background with face mask on

Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Direction

I am so excited to share these photos with you!  Last week, I was introduced to Captivus and Scott James Photography.  Wow, these guys are top notch.  I'm so privileged to have gotten the chance to be the hair stylist and makeup artist for this shoot. The model is, 19 year old, Sam Smith.  I think you're going to be seeing his face in the near future.    

Man Eater

The hunt is on and for some reason the lyrics "she's a man eater" are being sung over and over again in my head.  Though I'll always love the natural lip colors, my makeup kit needs a shake up of vibrant reds.  Red lips are everywhere!  Do you have a favorite shade?  I'd love to know what it is!    

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Secret to Marriage?

This quote makes me happy.  It is so sweet.  I just had to post it.  The quote is taken from Time Out New York's interview with Julia Child.  


This little blue twist dress is calling my name.  Don't you think it would it would look good on most body types?  The length is just above the knee, the gathering is in just the right spot, and the sleeves are the perfect width.  I could definitely see this as one of my go-to spring/summer dresses.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bobbi Brown product review

Getting a reliable professional makeup kit put together takes a lot of research and dare I say money.  So I have been researching like mad trying to find what works best.  One of the brands I am trying is Bobbi Brown but sadly I am less than impressed, especially for what it costs.  Here's a review of the items I bought and have used.

Brightening Lip Gloss in Nectar:  Like the color but the sticky feeling on the lips will keep me from buying it again.

Blush in Nectar:  This is my best purchase from Bobbi Brown.  The color is a pretty pink without looking unnatural and it's downright girlie.  The shade looks too bright in the compact but does look good on.  One thing I would add is to make sure you don't get too much blush on your brush.  Be sure to tap off the excess or you may get clown cheeks.

Eye Shadow in Ivory, Cement and Mahogany:  The pigmentation and quality is comparable to your average drugstore brands.  Except you're paying triple the price!  There are eyeshadow brands worth the high price but this is not one of them.  

(I am not endorsed by any brand. These are just my observations.)


I had to go to the eye doctor this past week and have drooling over all the new frames for this year.  But none have caught my eye quite like these.  They are for most purposes sunglasses and a great fashion statement.  The spitfires are unisex which makes them even hotter in my opinion.  I am envisioning a couple on their moped rockin' these out across the country.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The photos are in!

On Monday, I had the privilege of working with photographers KIM+PHIL and model Erica Annie.  It was a very relaxed shoot.  I love the way the photographers play with natural light.  We started out with a very natural look, kept it natural and created a little more definition along the way.  If I had to do it again I would probably have added eye liner on the upper lid's waterline.  But overall, I'm very happy how the hair and makeup turned out.
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