Friday, April 30, 2010


via Mode

These pieces are completely drawing me in.  I wonder what would happen if I put foil around a spare key.  Do you think it would work?  

Any special plans for this weekend?  This afternoon me and Lavenda are going to, Just Between Friends, the biggest consignment sale in Portland.  I was lucky enough to snag a first time mom pre-sale pass (they go quick).  So maybe I can check some things off the baby list today without spending a fortune.        

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Scarves

MADE (scarf tutorial)

Are you on board with summer scarves?  I have to admit they are growing on me.  They work especially well with sleeveless shirts or small basic t-shirts.  The hardest part will be picking out which style of scarf to buy first!


A bellini will be the first indulgence I have in July!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clear Skies?

photo via paulbarbera

I don't know about you but I'm ready for some clear skies.  Today, in Portland, we're only going to reach a high of 54!   

If you'd like to see some really awesome fashion from the streets of Japan, head over to The Sartorialist.  Their world of style is so intriguing.    

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

flora and henri

The children's collection by flora and henry is so precious!  Even though the main stores are based in Seattle and New York they have quite the European flare.  Just so you know, I'm obsessing all things that put children and European style together.  For me, the look is timeless.  The current photographer for flora and henry is Kate Baldwin, who is also based out of Seattle.  I love how she captured the children and clothes in these photographs.  The little boy with the coffee mug cracks me up.    

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gabby-Portland Senior Rep

Gabby is LavendaSeniors newest senior rep.  She loves makeup and was all about having her makeup done.  For some people it's really hard to have someone else be near their eyes but she was totally relaxed.  It was actually pouring while I was doing her makeup but everything cleared up just in time for us to head outdoors.  I was digging her colorful wardrobe and that scarf!  Lavenda captured the sun beautifully behind Gabby while she was wearing her sunglasses.  Getting senior portraits done is a highlight of many high school students and I'm thrilled to be a part of their experience.

Take a moment (or two) for yourself this weekend and breath.       

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day finds

Do you own a pair of Toms?

Baggu has so many colorful reusable bags to choice from.  I can't decide which one I want!

This bangle is completely made of recycled paper and the cardboard ring of a finished duct tape roll.

I'm drooling over this robin's egg blue purse from portemone.  The fabric is divine.

Jared and I have done so much better at recycling since moving to Portland.  They make it so convenient here.  The very popular Poppytalk blog has made some new recycling bin labels for you to download.  Now there'll never a confusion of where the glass goes.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Shelby is a senior rep for LavendaSeniors.  A senior rep is the new and very casual way for photographers to advertise their services in high schools.  She was so much fun and photogenic.  I love all her "faces".  If you were to get a look behind the scenes you'd see her proud dad taking pictures of her too!  Shelby normally doesn't wear very much makeup so I gave her a makeover that was very natural.  Of course if you saw her in person that day you might say otherwise.  Isn't it crazy what the camera sees and what we see?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HD makeup vs. everyday makeup

I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!  The IMATS in Vancouver, B.C. was a great experience and I gained some more makeup knowledge in the process.  It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver, I can't wait to go back there on vacation.  Without a doubt, one of my top favorite international cities.

Now on to today's topic.  Many people wonder what the difference is between HD makeup and regular makeup.  And why should I hire a professional makeup artist who uses HD makeup for my wedding or senior portraits?  The picture above shows you what happens when you combine an awesome photographer and a top of the line camera with everyday makeup.  You can literally see the makeup and the coverage isn't invisible as it should be.  HD makeup creates a soft focus effect for the camera, covers imperfections, and can withstand bright and harsh lighting.  It also means less work for a photographer in editing the images.  I hope this visual was helpful in showing you the difference. 

Sneak peak of tomorrow's dazzling senior, Shelby!

Friday, April 16, 2010

IMATS-Vancouver, B.C.

The International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Vancouver, B.C. is here!  I have been looking forward to this since the beginning of the year.  Unfortunately, I can only attend on Sunday.  This is my first makeup show so I'm not sure what to expect exactly but it looks like a full schedule with lots of big names in the industry speaking.

We're going to head out of Portland around 4am and make a long day of it.  It's a straight 5.5 hour drive so I'm sure we're going to need to plan on at least 6.5 hours. Jared's going to go hiking while I'm taking classes.  We went to Vancouver for our honeymoon and loved it.  It's such a vibrant and unique city.  The outdoor activities that surround Vancouver make it even better.  Wish we could stay longer.    

Have a beautiful weekend!     

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I were...

If I were a young sassy photographer, I would want this ring.

If I were a high school student pushing the edge of fashion I would wear this sock and shoe combo.

If I were traveling to South America as a salsa dancer, I would bring these heals along.

If I were a business woman climbing the corporate ladder, I would reserve this dress for dinner with clients.

Everything was found at LuLu's.  I hope you have a fun, creative, and productive day!  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I am


years old, dreaming of 

and an old love of

 (images via reynolds and kaitlin m)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Hair


Call me crazy but I have always liked BIG hair.  Does that make me a true Southern belle?  The easiest way to get big hair to last is by going the pouf route.  The pouf looks very different depending on how you style your hair.  And yes, it can be over-the-top. I have images of a woman whose all over pouf enthralled me as a kid and not in a good way.  We all make hair mistakes but is big hair and poufs to be considered one of them?  If styled right, I think not.       

Monday, April 12, 2010


I hope your week is starting off on a good foot!  We're headed to the doctor's office for a checkup this morning and then on to file our taxes.  Better late than never right?  

I just love what Le Papier Studio does with silhouettes.  They do a stunning job at customizing personal pictures into priceless works of art.  Their lockets are my favorite but the decals, pillows, prints, stationary, journals, calendars and cuff links are just as nice.     

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Espadrilles under $50

Target $24.99

Have you noticed that espadrilles are back with a vengeance?  I have always liked them for their diversity.  To me they are the casual yet nice shoe no matter which style you choose.  Plus, even if you get one with a super high heel they're still easy to walk in. Old Navy has some for around $20.Aren't those baby shoes adorable?

Yesterday, I was feeling crafty so I made pretzels from scratch and a French dress bunting.  
I used this recipe from Alton Brown and was inspired by Little Birdie Secrets.       

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jewelry from Hungary

Vadjutka is a jewelry shop that comes out of Budapest, Hungary.  The way the artist uses fabric to create her jewelry is just beautiful.     

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nursery inspirations

I am fascinated with nurseries right now.  We live in a small 1920's downtown apartment.  I love it but a nursery is out of the question.  I'm always looking for inspiration to at least decorate a corner of the apartment for Annalise.  The easiest trend seems to be wall art and picture frames with a few animal pieces around.  Can you tell what colors I'm leaning towards?    
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