Monday, June 28, 2010

Hanging out

Baby Ray is still hanging out and enjoying the comforts of the womb.  In spite of the torturous waiting Jared and I filled our weekend up with fun stuff around Portland.  We finally went to the Saturday Farmer's Market.  I was in heaven with all that fresh fruit and vegetables.  When we were living in Dallas, we went to Shakespeare in the park and were thrilled to learn that Portland has one too!  The only thing missing from our picnic was a glass of wine.  Theater on the lawn and wine just seem to go together.  We also got to explore more of Washington Park and all the beautiful roses in the garden there.  So, if labor doesn't start on its own by Wednesday.  They will induce on July 1st.  Either way, sometime this week, we'll have a new addition to the family!          


Erin said...

we also spent a lot of time wandering in the Rose Garden when I was VERY pregnant with our 1st. We even hiked at Multnomah Falls! Happy baby week!

Meagan Shuttleworth said...

So excited for you! I have been praying, will do amazing! :) Yay for babies!

Alisia Ray said...

Thank goodness for being able to exercise our way through pregnancy! It didn't make her come on time but it sure has helped pass the time. Can't wait to hold her! Thank you for your prayers Meagan :)

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